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No internet connection required. A response to the digital divide

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Education For All


EduAirBox is a digital library accessible without an Internet connection, which addresses the issue of academic documentation in colleges and training centres.
The "EduAirBox" digital library aims to revolutionise the education system in Africa by facilitating exchanges and access to knowledge. It provides access to millions of attractive educational contents accessible without Internet.
This smart box offers :

Millions of books, articles and videos
A Collaborative space where students can work in group
A digital archiving system
An anti-plagiarism system to check the authenticity of students' work

View of the Antiplagearism system

Preloaded Contents

A free software to view content from the web offline
Powered by Kiwix, Wikipedia the largest digital encyclopedia


Powered by Kiwix, StackoverFlow is a rich platform that can help the digital revolution

Connection Process

Once plugged in, the box emits a Wi-fi network over a specific radius. All students or users with a smartphone, tablet or laptop can detect this Wi-Fi network. Once they enter the Wi-Fi network, the browser on their device automatically opens the library's web page where they can do research or watch videos, all without an internet connection.

Initially the EduAiBox transmits over a radius of 30 meters. This is sufficient for computer rooms in high schools. But when the box is used in a university campus of several thousand square meters or to cover a whole school, we add Wi-Fi relay antennas that allow to carry the Wi-Fi signal over long distances. Click here to know more about solar antennas

A school or university can choose the protect the Wi-Fi signal or not. EduAirBox can be connected to the database of student in order to filter users

Wherever you are, just send us an e-mail to this address and we will be happy to talk to you :

Agains The Energy Divide

In order toThe evolution of digital solutions on the ground needs constant electrical power. The African environment has its realities but the sun is our strength.

We have been working to develop and produce solar Wi-Fi hotspots to address power outages on campus.
This allows students to stay connected even during power outages on campus.


Loved From Customers

Our work is to support governments in their mission to educate youth. Our contribution to the deployment of digital libraries in universities and schools is done with the support of state institutions and is in line with the fourth sustainable development goal.

“Well done for the responsibility and opportunity you have taken.”

Jean-Bernard Lévy. / CEO At EDF

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