The support of the Cameroonian State for EduAirBox


Africa today is experiencing a meteoric evolution in the digital domain, especially with the arrival of telephones. It is the continent with the fastest rate of phone adoption in the world and today digitalisation is inevitable in all sectors of life.

The startup movement that began in the United States with the internet bubble of the late 1990s has launched armies of young and often inexperienced entrepreneurs with a dream to change the world.

Africa has not escaped this wave and African governments have been quick to understand.

Here in Cameroon, not long ago, the Cameroonian government did not yet understand this movement and lacked the tools to accompany these companies that claim to be called “Startup“. But the whiplash that drew the government’s attention was the number of startups and student groups that were winning international awards for innovative projects.

Since then, the Cameroonian government has taken the step to support local startups that find local solutions.
In 2020, 2 sectors to be supported are highlighted by President Paul Biya: digital and agriculture. A particular ministry is in charge of the digital sector: the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications.

Today, EduAirBox, with 7 years of experience in the field of digital library in universities and schools, is recommended by the Cameroonian State to universities and colleges. This is a pledge of confidence to the rectors and founders of educational institutions.
This trust allows us to impact the school life of 750 000 students in the short term making EduAirBox a leader in its sector in Cameroon.

One of the lessons we are learning in our journey is that in some cases an institutional decision is better than a funding.


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